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This streamlines the process into a single contract between the client and the design-build team.  Everyone works together from the beginning in the programming phase to the final turn-over to the client. This can lead to faster completion of the project and be more cost effective with fewer change orders since the team is working together to provide integrated recommendations.


Building the shell and core of the building consists of the structure, its cladding, completed common areas (restrooms, elevators) and external areas (sidewalks, paved entries and parking). This creates a blank canvas and allows the client to plan and design the layout of their space knowing where the main elements of the building are located (windows, doors, entry, stairs, elevators).



Fit outs means the process of building the interior spaces to be appropriate for occupation of the building.  The client starts with a space where the base construction is complete and there are plans to completely renovate an entire floor or a portion of a finished floor.  In this stage, the sub-contractors install mechanical and electrical, specialized plumbing, final finishes, casework, furniture, specialized lighting and audio-visual elements.

Bellevue Contractors Services


As the General Contractor we develop, coordinate, financially plan and supervise construction projects from planning to completion.

We provide cost estimates, an SOV (schedule of values) to the client and a work schedule timeline based on the construction documents that we receive to bid to our subcontractors.  We comply with county/city officials and building and safety codes when reviewing the documents.

Bellevue Contractors writes contracts to all of their sub-contractors, tracks billing, payments and all cost control of the project.  By overseeing all contractors, coordinating with the architects, engineers and city officials, we ensure that projects will be completed on time and on budget.


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