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About Us

Bellevue Contractors, LLC is a general contracting company that was founded in 2006, under Bellevue Companies, founded over seven decades ago. We have a broad base of experience and expertise in the construction industry. We've earned a reputation for construction performance of the highest quality, delivered quickly, efficiently and economically. From initial concept to finished project, Bellevue Contractors, LLC is fully staffed and prepared to respond to your needs with competence and precision.

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When we serve as general contractor, the planning phase keeps your project on budget and our fast-track scheduling ensures the quickest possible project completion. We're skilled in coordinating teams of experts to complete projects of any size or scope. Our active participation in local construction markets allows us to spot labor, material and building trends early. We can provide timely and cost effective engineering suggestions and to prepare accurate cost estimates and schedules. We work hard to ensure that only superior materials and craftsmanship are built into Bellevue Contractors construction projects.

We can help do great things for your company. Learn how by calling us at 302-655-1522.

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